Wide range of unique patent oriented innovative products with exclusive quality sourced worldwide to help you live a sustainable life!

Spreading Innovation

We are advocates of better value for the customer,
create awareness to have a positive impact on the environment!

That's why all our products are
customisable, unique, eco-friendly and innovative!

Post-it Notes (statically charged)

A modern twist on sticky notes, whiteboards, and other stationery that makes paper as sleek as it should be
Eco-friendly and 100% recyclableUnique patented technologyDouble-sided, full-coverage stick


Revolutionary, Environment-sensitive pencils that addresses one of major problems facing Planet Earth today: deforestation
Pencils made of recycled paper100% Eco-friendly ; 0% WoodDecomposes quickly after use

Paper Straws

Bringing you a step closer to sustainability with our high quality 310 GSM paper straws that last longer
Durable; Soak tested to last 80 minutes100% BiodegradableVibrant colours and patterns in various sizes

Compostable Garbage bages

Plastic FREE Certified Carry on and Garbage bags for your Home and Council needs
100% BiodegradableMade with GM free Corn StarchHigh Quality Long Lasting

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